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Infectious diseases, caused by bacteria, should be treatable with antibiotics. Overuse and misuse of antibiotics have led to antibiotic pollution in our food chain and environment. As a result, antibiotic resistance levels have gone up, and the effectiveness of these important drugs are at risk. Help each other to keep antibiotics where they belong: close to patients and other people who need them. How? By monitoring antibiotics levels in your food, water, and environment. Together with SquaredAnt.

Our Solution

Snapshot: Antibiotics pollution in the Environment

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Data has been obtained from academic publications (from 2002 onwards); if the mean value was not available, a range is given. "0" indicates "zero" òr "below detection limits". Pollution levels may be season-dependent in some cases, which has been ignored in this graph. Please note that locations are not exact. This figure has been compiled and will be updated regularly with the greatest possible care, but no rights may be derived from its contents. This graph was made with Plotly for R.

What's with the Ant?

For millions of years, Leafcutter Ants have successfully produced and applied antibiotics in growing their crops. They deserve recognition for their long-term sustainable use of antibiotics and are an inspiration to our company.
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Sam Linsen
Sam Linsen


Kelly van der Eng
Kelly van der Eng

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Boris Tefsen

Scientific Advisor