Prevention is the best cure. It’s potential has never been so great as today. SquaredAnt helps governments, institutes and non-profits who focus on preventive healthcare and diagnostics networks. We take over crucial work behind the scenes: data management. As an objective partner, we deliver clean, privacy compliant, data. So that you, the project owner, can promote health solutions without boundaries.

Our approach

We care about your data as much as the people at the source and comply to the highest ethical standards of patient privacy and data security. In short, we support preventive health projects in four layers:

  • planning: propose viable methods for collecting and formatting GCP-compliant data
  • training: customized on- or offline sessions with data collectors and data users
  • collection: monitor the integrity of incoming data via progress reports
  • delivery: provide data in the agreed format

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the game-changer in preventive healthcare and diagnostics. Why? Originally, diagnoses helped clinical decision-making for patients. With the advance in data systems, diagnoses enabled disease monitoring and preparedness. With AI in the game, diagnostics are the building blocks for integrated health monitoring solutions beyond the scope of individual diseases. We promote this vision and support our clients, where possible, to build AI-compatible data structures.


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