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Rapid test sharing platform

Diagnostics mean prevention, early detection, targeted treatment, certainty during challenging times. Together with hygiene and vaccinations, diagnostics forms our line of defense against disease outbreaks and the perpetual burden of pandemics.

With rapid flow-based self-tests tests in mind, we provide a platform that can be used for the registration of self-tests with a strong commitment to the privacy of the users. We store data as a QR-code on a personalized passport and outside reach of third parties. The QR code can be scanned to verify whether the test is older than 3 days.

As a low-tech solution with privacy of the user in mind, the tool is suited for communities and small organizations who regularly require tests from their members. Our tool addresses a logistic risk of repeated testing: the risk that users mix up old test and so present invalid results.

The tool can be installed on a web-server and can be modified for multiple types of rapid tests. An example can be found here.